John Reider

Client Testimonials

Stephen Fraim & Carol Tait Former Residents

My boyfriend and I rented a duplex from John Reider Properties last November. Although the owner of our duplex changed to a different property management for unknown reasons a couple of months in to our lease, we were very happy with the service that we received from JRP during those initial first months. When they say that they have a 100% clean policy, they are not kidding. Our house was spotless when we moved in -- I literally could not find a piece of dirt or dust in the place. Our duplex is very large, bigger than some single-family houses that I have seen for rent, and has beautiful stained-cement floors that make it look one of a kind. We get compliments on the floors all of the time. I also love the open layout of our duplex. Our master bedroom and bathroom are both huge!

David & Alicia Vahrenkamp Former Residents

My husband and I rented a nice two bedroom duplex in Harker Heights from John Reider properties and have been extremely happy with the customer service and the quality of the duplex. The floors are nice and easy to clean due to them being stained concrete. Most rental's have carpet that always have stains that are impossible to hide, but their choice in stained concrete is probably the best idea. When we had a situation, Robin came out the next day to check out what was going on and we resolved the situation quickly. I was recommended to use them for our rental agency and I will still continue to recommend them to others. Whenever we had neighbor issues the staff is always quick to help us fix the issue so we can call continue with our busy lifestyle. The rent is really cheap and amazing for what you get.

Tressa Galvin Former Resident

When our orders came in to come back to Fort Hood, we were excited and thought we would be retiring a couple of years after arriving.  Buying a home at that time didn't make sense because we would be leaving the area at retirement.

We chose to rent, John Reider Properties was our first and only choice.  We have been renting for the last almost five years, the retiring option hasn't happened yet.

Our rental experience has been great.  The maintenance is superb, always quick and gets the job done the first time.

The Reider's are proud of their business and handle every aspect of it in a professional manner. 
We have recently had friends that because of the real estate market opt to lease their home instead of selling; when they have to leave the area.  I have and always will recommend John Reider Properties for their property management needs.  This is a company you can trust.

Thank you John and Danya for all that you have done!

Katie Staton Former Resident

My boyfriend and I rented the apartments on Dove Lane last year and were surprised by how affordable and clean they were! They were very spacious compared to our 445 sq. ft apartment we were paying for at Lookout Ridge, for practically the same price. Anytime we had a problem, Lauren always took care of it, and when we were ready to buy our home and move out, Dustin took care of everything during the inspection and even gave us advice on how to fix it.

Chris & Tawni Lay Former Residents

My husband, daughter and I have rented from John Reider Properties on Wildewood in Harker Heights for five years now. Although we would like to buy a home in the next couple of years, I wouldn't want to rent anywhere else. I love my home and the employees at John Reider's office take good care of us ;-)!!!

Jeff Carter Resident

I have been renting from JRP for some time now, and have known the whole staff for a very long time. Everybody is so friendly and professional. I have never been unhappy with the services they provide, and they always stick behind their word 100%. If anything ever needs to be fixed or if I should happen to have a problem, they are right there making sure everything gets properly fixed, and even do checkup calls or even stop by to make sure everything is up to my standards of living. Overall, I think they are great real estate providers and would not go to anybody else.

Vanetta M. Ratcliffe Owner

Indeed, it has been a pleasure for me to have worked with you and the Team of Professionals at John Reider Properties during the past (almost)
3 years.  I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for all your help and support and especially for the time Robin Cargill has spent servicing my property account and customers.  I could not have been successful in my new job here in Fort Knox, KY without your dedication, support, and hard work.

In today's economy where there are so many uncertainties, there is constant pressures to find professionals who can represent your interest upon the occasion of a change in situation or relocation in support of your Job or your Country.  John Rider Properties has proven itself a dedicated member of my Team.>

Again, thank you so much for being a part of my Team.  As the future economy looks brighter, I have no doubt that you will continue to make your presence a positive one.

Mr. & Mrs. Schock Owners

I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize Danya, Robin, and the staff of John Reider Properties for the tremendous job they did to prepare, advertise, and occupy our home for rent.  Several months before we decided to rent our home, we, like many other homeowners, tried our hand at selling our house ourselves.  Unfortunately, the post “first-time homebuyer” tax credit market wasn’t too kind to us.  As we were reassigned to a different Army installation, we knew we had to do something fast in order to not have two house payments every month.  Naturally, our next step was to investigate the possibility of renting our home.  We were initially hesitant to rent our home after hearing horror stories from friends and family, until we walked into the offices of John Reider Properties.  We met with Danya to talk about the opportunities in renting our home and we’re so glad we did!  Her confidence in their ability to take care of our home and find responsible renters set our minds at ease. She talked us though the process of owning an income property, answering all our questions and concerns with patience.  After our meeting, it was clear that renting our home with John Reider Properties was the right choice for us.  A few days later, we signed all the necessary documents to start the rental process, and just SIX HOURS later we received a phone call that a prospective tenant had been found!  Their ability to find, screen and secure tenants for our home has exceeded our expectations.  We have complete faith that our home is in good hands, and will be taken care of as if we were still living there ourselves.

We are so pleased with everyone at John Reider Properties. Without Danya, Robin, and the rest of the staff, we’re not sure what situation we’d be in regarding our home.  We’re certain that their expertise in the local area, the housing market, advertising, and preparing our home for rental was paramount to making this such a smooth transition for us.  Now our home has turned into an income property and we are excited about our future business relations with John Reider Properties!

Craig Parker Owner

I have worked with John Reider Properties going on five years now and throughout our time together they have been nothing but helpful for me and my company. Because we have known each other for quite some time now, I know I can trust them with all my various properties. Danya Reider has helped me fill several different suite spaces around Killeen and Harker Heights, including one that has yet to be built and she is always quick to help if I run into a problem. Barry Hinshaw has also been involved in many of my suite spaces and he is helpful to my prospective tenants and continues to work with them after they sign the lease. The Reider’s have been in business since 1995 and fifteen years later they are still going strong and I believe that really says something about their quality of work. Through their qualification process for each tenant, they ensure that everyone renting from me is trustworthy and competent. The vendors they suggest for different jobs like cleaning the suite space before and  after a tenant moves out as well as landscapers are always highly qualified companies that will do the job they are supposed to without breaking the bank and for that and much more I am thankful to the Reider’s and their team.

Kevin & Cheryle Heinecke Owner

Reider Properties’ management of our two properties has been steller. When forced to deal with catastrophic damages to one of our properties Danya and her crew went in on a weekend and expedited repairs on their own. They dealt with our insurance company for us and got the house back to pristine condition. If you want your properties truly managed, then this is the team you want on your side. We do not worry, regardless of where we are stationed.

Shelly Brown Tenant

Lauren Reider called me and asked me if I would write a review for their web site. I was thrilled and told her I would be happy to! We rent at the Dove Apartments in Harker Heights. Our one bedroom is huge and has a full size washer and dryer, really nice appliances and is beautiful. We were renting at a tiny one bedroom in Killeen and paying $700 per month when we found our one bedroom for $525.00 using Lauren. We have been here for almost seven months now. Our air conditioner did go out, but they fixed it right away and even called me to ask me if I was happy with the work. Thank you John Reider Properties (and Lauren :-) )

Tim & Connie Boose Owners

Selecting a property management firm can prove to be a rather daunting task. One that should not be taken lightly, as the people you choose to represent your property are in effect, representing you as well. This is true on several levels. Not only from the obvious financial aspect, but from a legal and ethical plane also.
We have enjoyed a professional relationship with JRPM for 9 years.  Danya Reider, along with Robin Cargill and their staff have looked after our investment properties like they were their own. They have removed all of the anxieties of owning rental property, and replaced those emotions with confidence and peace of mind.  Regardless of market conditions, we are able to focus on our business demands, knowing that our properties are being managed competently and professionally.  Along with a genuine interest in the owners welfare, Danya, Robin, and staff exhibit the upmost in fairness and courtesy to their tenants as well.
I believe JRPM has achieved the pinnacle of success in the property management industry as measured by both satisfied owners and happy tenants. I  recommend the firm of JRPM whenever the opportunity presents itself, without any hesitation.

Hal Anderson Belton, Texas

Dear Danya,
I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed working with you and Robin in the management of my property in Killeen. As a previous owner of my own property management company, I am acutely aware of the commitment you and your company must make daily to see that our property is well managed. I've always felt you looked after our property as if It was your own, proactive in addressing issues and offering solutions. Month in and monthly out, I enjoy the excellent reporting and communication with Robin. Questions and concerns are always addressed promptly and adequately.
In reviewing the operation of Lake Road over the past ten years (yes, it's been that long that you have managed it) I am amazed to find that our occupancy rate has been better than 95%. I own properties in other areas where I have need to work with management companies and I can assure you, none deliver the excellent service that I receive from John Reider Properties.
I heartily recommend your services to anyone looking for a professional, top notch property management company. You are welcome to use me as a reference, and I would encourage any interested party contact me directly with questions, or concerns.

Genevieve Owner

Thank you , John Reider Team ( Danya Reider and Robin Cargill);
You have rescued me from a property manager who was very inexperience in the business. Their main concerned was to make sure that my investment property did not stay vacant for too long which benefitted them(since they get paid when its rented out) but was not beneficial to me as a property owner. In fact throughout my 2 yr contract term with them they leased out my property to careless, young  individuals (criminals) who had no concerns for someone else hard work.  No offense, to young individuals out here since I too am young; only difference is I was/am responsible enough and made many sacrifices in order for me to get in the business. Danya and Robin, I am so blessed to have found both of you. You ladies are strong and very knowledgeable team of women who represent  The John Reider Team very well. If it wasn't for you all I would have paid damages left by a third tenant. My past property manager does not run any  rental/criminal  history or  background checks for any of the perspective tenants that walk up to their office. It seems like they cater to the tenant (presumably those who are not able to get leasing contracts anywhere else) not the Property owners. Property owners Please  take my advice and stay away from any company that charges 7 percent for their property management fees. In actuality you are not saving any money instead you will be like me and pay about $4,000 or more each time a tenant moves out. Worst of all you will not get any of the money invested, take to court or tarnish the credit of the last tenants (Idiots) after preparing the place for next perspective tenants.  Unfortunately, my conscience will not allow me to disclose my previous property managers name. Therefore, do your research before signing a contract with any company out here in Killeen or anywhere else for that matter. 
Thank you , John Reider Team ( Danya Reider and Robin Cargill);
-Genevieve 3/10/11

Andrew Schneider Former Resident

I've rented from John Reider Properties twice now and I loved it both times. The staff is wicked friendly and very knowledgeable about their jobs. they take great care of their tenants and their properties. All of the reviews talking about how mean they are with the lawns or "read the leasing agreement very carefully" are just sad. You should take care of your lawn without having to be asked and as for the leasing agreement... Why would you sign it without reading it? I highly praise John Reider Properties and their staff. The only thing that I don't like about this company is the fact that they won't be in the next city that I live in.

The Buckleys Owners

We know John Reider as a company because about 8 years ago we rented from them as tenants. As tenants we were pleased with the pleasant demeanor of the staff and the fact that the owner was present on several occasions (something I think you rarely see). Later we purchased a property in the Fort hood area. Once we were stationed out of Fort Hood we left our property management to a company other than John Reider Properties. That was one of the biggest mistakes we made, since our property was unprofitable, unkempt, and without a tenant for 9 months. We always remembered John Reider Properties and their quality customer service so we decided to give them a call. They were fabulous and helped walk us through the whole process while in BUDGET. They got our property in order and it was rented before it was even listed. We were so excited and definitely thankful to JRP for their efficiency and vast knowledge of the real estate world. I cannot say enough good things about John Reider as a whole. They are professional, to the point, and they get the job done. While we are not investors, just a family with a second home, if you are looking for a property manager to meet your needs and take the reins for you, I am absolutely sure you will not be disappointed. We were paying the mortgage of this home while Patrick was resigning his commission in the Army. As you guys can understand this has been emotionally stressful as well as extremely financially stressful given the economy of the job market. We see you guys as angels because in reality our next resort was foreclosure which would ruin our credit scores that we have worked endlessly to achieve. As a couple we cried when the home was rented because it would have meant that all the hard work we had done to keep our credit score up would have been washed down the drain due to an unrented unaffordable house. We will be able to afford this home once our steady careers are in place due to the transition we have had to deal with, moving from NY to FL. The one thing that nailed it in for us was the fact that you guys actually remembered us! How rare and wonderful is that. You all remembered us when we were newlyweds looking for our first apartment. When we talked about the fact that you guys knew who we were, it solidified it for us. We hands down, LOVE your clean guarantee? The reason we rented from your company back in the day was because it was Clean, lol! We had toured at least 15 other properties and many we couldn't get past the door because of the smell, sad to say. But we just want to thank you all for everything you have done. We really can't say enough. John Reider Properties is a company that strives to succeed while serving the needs of others. I am sad we did not choose John Reider sooner but glad that we found them when we did!

Michael & Diana Jones Owners

I just wanted to express our thanks for everything you have done for us preparing our house and getting it rented.  Although things didn't go exactly as planned, your professionalism and knowledge if what it takes to successfully manage a rental property made the transition virtually painless and the fact that you were able to get our house rented quickly in this market is a testament to you and John Reider properties. Thank you very much.

Alicia & Patrick Huttinga Residents - Past

Alicia and I would like to thank you for the exceptional accomodations that you let us live in. We definately enjoyed our time here in Harker Heights. Although our lease was cut short due to my deployment to Afghanistan, this was one of our best rentals.  If I come across new soldiers in Fort Hood who need a home, I will definately refer them to John Reider Properties!
Thanks again!