John Reider


Should you choose to have your property marketed by a Realtor, My services are as complete as they come. We offer the “virtual tours”, MLS and advertising options that increase your property’s exposure and the knowledge and experience to see the sale through.

Selling your property can be an emotional endeavor and, unless the “bottom line” is not important to you, it can be expensive. To my own demise, I tend to view the opportunity to market a property from the sellers perspective. That is why our company allows for savings on a quick sale and cost considerations on a case by case basis.

Our selling clients are pro-active in creating a first impression that stands up to the competition. I will coach you on presentation methods that can be achieved with little effort, offer you low cost buyer incentive options that may create a faster sale, and provide you the feedback from potential buyers that view your property. Your knowledge of the market as it pertains to the sale of your property is priceless and that knowledge can add hundreds, if not thousands, to your “bottom line”.

Consider speaking with me about marketing your home. I would appreciate the opportunity to answer any questions you have and illustrate the value of my service.

Have a great day!