John Reider
100% Clean Guarantee
Our Guarantee is Simple...

If we fail to delight you with the cleanliness of your new home,
we will rush back prior to your move in to make it right.

How is it possible for us to offer you this guarantee?
Our commitment to excellence and quality control makes it easy.

100% Clean Guarantee Conditions

Under the following conditions we will guarantee that the interior living areas of the home will be free of dust, dirt, grime, grease and any other removable substances.

1.) You must fully complete a written move in inspection one business day prior to move in, indicating any cleaning deficiencies.

2.) The guarantee does not cover the following:

a. Normal wear and tear.

b. Permanent stains or discoloration.

c. Paint condition.

d. Exterior surfaces, garage or storage areas.

If we are unable to rectify any or all applicable cleaning issues to your satisfaction, the refundable portion of your security deposit will be returned