John Reider


We proudly offer first-rate Buyers Agency to any buyer that is interested in our Company provided that no current agreement between them and a different broker exists.

We do not require you to sign an Agency Relationship agreement with us nor do we expect you to pay us for our services. When buying a property, the broker that represents the seller pays our fees.

As always, we will provide you all of the available property information resulting from MLS searches built around your criteria, access to the properties YOU feel suit your needs and the resources to take your offer all the way to the closing table. Most importantly, you will have our company confidently representing your needs without compromise.

To begin viewing property, we require a pre-qualification and an initial office meeting. We can take care of all of that for you when you come in or we can gather the information we need over the telephone or via e-mail. Check out our pre-qualification form in our website if you would like to get a jump on things.

During our first meeting, we discuss your needs and begin providing you with all of the information that is available pertaining to them. We will ask and answer questions as needed and you can count on learning much about what to expect. You may then choose to utilize the tools we have in place that continuously provide the home information you need via your home computer. We can also begin viewing property if all else is in order and your schedule allows.

There is much more to know about being represented by our firm and we would be fortunate to have an opportunity to discuss it further. You can be certain that our approach is agreeable and there will never be any sales pressure.

Call us for a consultation when you are ready. We are available to assist you.