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John Reider, Broker, GRI, CIPS Candidate
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We provide free on-site consultation to determine the condition of the property and identify any maintenance problems or necessary statutory updates in accordance with the city/state laws or building codes with the property owner. This discussion is imperative when comparing the property’s potential with other commercial properties available for rent in Killeen or Harker Heights, TX. This comparison then assists us in planning necessary improvements for property in order to maximize rent potential and establish appropriate deposit thresholds.


We work with approved vendors to coordinate bids on any repairs needed & provide them to the property owner for consideration. These qualified vendors have been carefully screened and evaluated to be cost effective, efficient and dependable. Our dealers in Killeen and Harker Heights include painters, housekeepers, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, roofers, etc. Any bids procured will then be discussed with the property owner and a comprehensive plan will be established to coordinate the agreed upon repairs. John Reider Properties does not charge a commission, or “up-charge” for coordinating or inspecting contracted repairs.


Marketing the property with the intention of quickly procuring a qualified tenant requires more than just putting a ‘Home for Rent’ sign in the yard. Today’s global and competitive real estate environment requires a marketing plan designed to reach potential renters relocating to Killeen or Harker Heights area from all over the world. Our property management team will focus on both local and internet outreach, partnering with a number of sources to attract businesses relocating both locally and globally.


We understand the importance of treating each customer individually. Every property is different in terms of age, location and amenities. We consider every property and homeowner as separate and treat them accordingly. Understanding your goals is imperative in developing and maintaining both short and long term property management strategies.


One of the most important aspects of providing our customers with a successful rental experience in Killeen is selecting well qualified tenants. Our property management team accomplishes this by including the following procedures in our leasing process: obtaining a detailed credit, criminal, court record and address history for each adult prospective resident as well as a proof of income supported by tax returns.


Every commercial lease in Harker Heights is different and requires different types of contracts, forms and addenda. Whether you decide to lease the property at a gross rate, include CAM or choose a triple net lease – John Reider Properties has the commercial experience to write the lease in accordance with your needs. As members of the Texas Association of Realtors, Texas Real Estate Commission and Fort Hood Board of Realtors, we have access to the most respected, legally up to date forms in the state, ensuring that leases are written in compliance with state laws and Texas Property Codes.


One of the most important functions of our management team is to inspect your rental property in Harker Heights, ensuring cleanliness, updated repairs and tenant compliance with lease requirements in order to keep the property in its best condition. We will provide you with an organized property management program by hiring local vendors to provide cost effective, quality services including property pick up, landscaping, sprinkler system care, common area lighting replacement, sign and building maintenance.


We understand the importance of timely collection of rents and other balances due. Our property management team will expeditiously follow up on delinquencies reducing the possibility of skip out, or rent loss due to non-payment of rent. On your behalf, we are able to file the appropriate paperwork with the court systems and represent you for issues including non-payment of rent and damage to property. We will provide you with a detailed monthly report with an overview of all monthly collections and balances.

John Reider Properties is a reputed property management company comprised of a team of experienced and dedicated professionals providing renting or buying services to the residential and commercial property owners in Killeen and Harker Heights, Texas. We will help you build value and maximize returns through the diligent application of property management fundamentals and keeping a close eye on costs. We continuously strive to move successful properties into even more profitable categories. Our clients’ rental properties receive close supervision with strict accountability due to our hands-on management approach and commitment to providing the highest standards of service. We are a company committed to building our success by working day by day and project by project to ensure the success of the people and companies we serve.

For more information about commercial property management services, please contact Danya Reider.

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